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Decodare si efectuare S-OFF – toate modelele de telefoane HTC, blocate in orice retea.

Ofer posibilitatea efectuării de s-off pentru orice model de telefon HTC cu ajutorul unui javacard celor din București.

Procedura dureaza maxim 5 minute si nu presupune desfacerea telefonului. Acesta va avea CID 11111111 (poate fi instalat orice ROM), S-OFF si va fi liber de retea. Se poate face in Bucuresti in aceeasi zi, cel mult a doua.

Pret: 60 Ron.

PS: pentru dezvoltatori de rom-uri cu activitate importanta ofer procedura gratuit pentru un model. (am nevoie de referințe pe saituri de genul xda)

Creepy bug recently discovered – patched

Everyone has gone crazy about the latest bug that allows 3rd parties to execute USSD code on specific android phones (my Sensation is vulnerable too).  j4n87, senior and very active member of XDA has already submitted a patch in this article. Although the vulnerability was disclosed quite quickly and I don’t think there are lot’s of sites hosting this malware, I do recommend patching your android dialer. It’s just better to be safe than sorry. I’m curious, though, how long will it take to see  official patches?

New tool: universal sim lock for htc devices

The title says all.
Some of you didn’t notice, sim lock != sim unlock. Why would anyone re-lock their phone?.. (e.g.: returning the phone to service with valid warranty requires the same lock status,just saying..). If the phone is already locked, this service will change the unlock code.

This is still experimental, so no instructions are provided, use it only if you really know what it does. For now, the new unlock code will be displayed in hboot.

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Resistance is futile!

Actually it’s not! Numerous hacking/spaming/other abuses are being attempted almost all the time which forced me to ban specific or whole range IPs. The process is based on both ip lists and automatic recognition of patterns. I apologize to legit users for any inconvenience!