Astrometa tuner on Zidoo X9S

This applies for Astrometa DVB-T2/C-v2 tuner on Zidoo X9S media player.
Info about tuner:

Download and unzip:
cp dvb-demod-mn88473-01.fw /lib/firmware/dvb-demod-mn88473-01.fw
insmod dvb-core.ko
insmod r820t.ko
insmod mn88473.ko
insmod rtl2832.ko
insmod dvb_usb_v2.ko
insmod dvb-usb-rtl28xxu.ko

You now have either:




At this point you can setup Tvheadend (check out specific forums for more info) with Kodi (Tvheadend HTSP Client in PVR addons)

Known issues:
– sometimes the tuner fails to initialize, especially if the device was put to standby

4 thoughts on “Astrometa tuner on Zidoo X9S”

  1. Nice work !
    Is it possible to get :
    – the method to compile these drivers
    – the kernel config file of zidoo
    – the all list of usb dvb kernel module ?

    I have ctvdigusb2 dvn-t usb stick and I would like it to work on my zidoo
    Thx in advance

      1. Hi and thx for your reactivity
        Config from the latest kernel :
        – you mean 4.1.17 (+dirty string) or latest from linux kernel ?
        Please is it possible to attach the kernel config you used to compile your drivers ?
        It was impossible to get the good one used for openwrt from zidoo …
        Thx in advance

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