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Purchase your unlock code today for a discounted price of 4.9€! (Best deal! This offer is not available for newer models.)

When there’s too much hassle with DIY stuff, go the classic way.
Get your unlock code now and you'll enjoy my best support. You’ll be provided the code in the smallest amount of time, and in case of getting a wrong code you’ll be fully reimbursed.
Because different carriers code their phones in different way, you have to make sure you're not using an unsupported network. Also make sure your device is supported, check your phone model and locked network here!. I can't ask for a refund from my code supplier if your phone is locked in one of those networks. By using this service you agree the Terms Of Agreement.

Make sure your can enter the unlock code: insert a SIM card from a locked network and restart your phone. A dialog should appear asking for the unlock code. If your phone doesn't ask for the unlock code, DO NOT purchase a code because I won't be able to help you with that and I CAN'T REFUND your payment in such cases.

You can track your order here.

Update: Newer HTC devices are available for IMEI based unlocking. Please check supported models and networks list!.

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