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Mirroring APOD

I’ve always been fond of astronomy and quite often I dig the internet searching for new and interesting stuff.  I ran into NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) site almost 15 years ago and I’ve been checking it since almost daily. As a token of gratitude, I’ve decided to help them reach a larger audience by hosting a mirror. For starters, it will be in english but my main goal is to offer it translated to romanian. I’ll try to do it as much as I can, but I can’t promise any great performance due to the lack of free time.

Thus, I’d be very thankful to anyone who could help with the translation! (yes, I’m thinking of course about romanian comunity of astronomers,hobbyist, etc). An on-the-site editing system is up already but the actual saving will only be enabled for those specifically requesting it (just trying to limit any abuse). All the contributors will be given credit for their work.

Note to APOD Editors: the almost constant layout of the pages helped me automating a lot of tasks and I think it was a great ideea to have it that way. The mirror is self managing, the first request is always forwarded to APOD server, gets cached and then served to the user. I can’t check for ‘malformed’ urls, the mirror does everything automatically with every request. If you have any suspicions, check for X_FORWARDED_FOR header. Thanks!