“Walking upside down in the sky…
between the satellites passing by… I’m looking…
I’m looking for my dreams… smoking some golden beams…
gliding along the black rainbow… I fly away…
with my shadow… while… scratching the moon like a DJ…
the night follows… it’s odyssey… phase 1.”

J.M.Jarre – Odissey Through O2

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  1. Hia,

    Trying to unlock a HTC one m7 (354436051123931)
    The code given by the tool does not work – the phone reports “network unlock request unsuccessful”

    Any support would be appreciated.

  2. please help!! … I am doing everything right … when I hit simlock in bootloader I get an error … “SD Init Fail !!!” ….. thats all it is saying nothing about cid or anything … my phone does not have a sd card slot so it is virtual sd card but the config.dat file is on the sd card

  3. Salut,
    eMMC-boot 1024MB
    Aug 10 2015,17:43:35.28925

    Any idea ? Can be unlocked ? Because 0.9.5 or 0.9.4 are giving me errors. Thank you.

  4. Hello, I was wanting your expert advice on a HTC DESIRE 700 DUAL SIM phone. While boarding an aircraft I put my phone into Aircraft mode. When reaching my destination and switching back to normal mode, I realised that SIM Slot1 was no working..ie had an X next to the signal strength icon. I have done a soft reset and full data reset but with no luck. In your opinion is this a hardware or software issue? My husband had the same issue. HTC insisted that it was a hardware problem and replaced the switch-board FPC-ASSY? and the Main Board. My husband’s phone was still under guarantee, mine is not. I do not believe it is a hardware problem as my phone did not fall, wasn’t close to a heat source or anything else of the sort. I believe it is a design fault or an unwanted/accidental blocking by a unknown server. Please educate me on this matter if you can. Thank you

  5. Hello,
    i’m shop keeper in india and i need your service for servicing htc phones (config.dat).
    in your web i can only apply 4 or 5 using one email,is there any premium service where i can calc unlimited or limited with some account to pay you ?

    1. i have htc one m7 verizon locked. i need config.dat file but the prob is my card are unable to pay through paypal. can you me in anyways?

  6. my mobile is htc desire 510 locked with sprint i need your help to unlock it

    my meid = 99000501890169

    my msl = 543488

    the mobile didn’t require a code for unknown sim

    need your help

  7. Hi Mr Sieempi,

    I would like you to know that i am such a poor kid here and really cant avail with the payment you want. I just want my phone unlock please, consider it a gift giving from me please sir. I even cant buy the Y cable i needed to do the DIY unlocking. So i hope you consider unlocking my HTC One (m7) for me. Its AT&T locked and my sister just gave it to me as a present, but still locked:( Maybe you can unlock it for me for free via the paid unlocking mode. But giving it to me for free ? Pls sir. Im from a 3rd world country and a student w/ no money to spend. THanks alot.

    I can repay you in some other kind, like i have this servers you can use, i can give you out shell access in there if you want. Thats all. THanks. IMEI = 354439055425336

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