Remote Unlock

As you might have noticed, a new service is now available: Remote Sim Unlock

If none of the available free methods work for you, you can purchase an unlock code for your phone for more than a decent price. The service is based on a 3rd party application (with due costs) and it generates unlock codes based on the IMEI of the phone. Because different carriers code their phones in different way, you have to make sure you’re not using an unsupported network. Also make sure your device is supported.

Please check out the supported devices page. If you really need to unlock another brand, or you’re just locked in an unsupported network, just leave a message and I’ll manually look into it as manual unlocks are possible.


20 thoughts on “Remote Unlock”

  1. Hi, bought a unlock code for a HTC M8 yesterday. Still didnt get the code. How long will it take until you send the code?

    Best regards

      1. Hi,
        Sorry for all this trouble, I’ve just migrated to a different hosting and some scripts are not working as they should, that’s all with this delay in the automation.
        In your case I’ve manually solved it, please check your email or use the track your order page.
        Thanks for understanding and sorry for trouble.

        PS: some email providers block emails from my site because of the free services which generate a lot of traffic, please check your spam/junk folder.

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